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First I commented this but I realized that I kick ass and I'll just post it to the front page. w00t.

Name:Bob Roberts
Favorite school lunch:Pizza (remember in like 2nd grade when there was Zachary's Pizza?)
When were you first introduced to the spork?:I don't know that I was. Mebbe fruit salad?
Favorite movies:Charlie Kaufman, Wes Anderson, Cohen Bros, Men in Tights
Favorite bands/artists:Wilco, the Beatles, Irving, Dillinger Four
Favorite books: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Lamb, lotsa shit
Any piercings?:Only my heart. Ew that was emo. No.
Any tattoos?: Who wants to know?
Thoughs on Abortion: Fuck off.
Thoughts on Celebacy: Is that like celibacy? Bullshit.
Pics (atleast one would be appreciated): Sorry my face is repellent. Actually my computer is janking up but yeah.
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